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You've heard the buzz in the studio, and Coach Troy has started putting people though their paces! Interested to know more? Here is what HYROX is all about!

Step 1: 

Watch Beth's Intro Video


Step 2: Check out our FAQ

Which category is right for me? 

If you are unsure, have a chat with Troy, Lauren, Beth or Ritika. Don't know who to do it with? We can suggest a partner and get you matched up if you are interested in Doubles or Teams. We match your strengths and personalities up accordingly. 

Option 1 - Relay Teams – Perfect for gyms, corporates & friends, this division splits HYROX between a team of four, with each teammate completing 2x 1km of running followed by 1 workout station. So each person does 2 stations and 2kms in total (I think this would take less than 30min per person, so easier than an F45 session)

Option 2 - Doubles – Find a partner and take on HYROX as a pair; running together but splitting each workout station as you choose. (You both do the 8km running in total but split the stations between you like we do in class sometimes...PS It's only 1km of running at a time!)

Option 3 - Open (Solo)– Take on the standard HYROX for a challenge, but achievement race. A total of 8kms, with 8 stations.


There is a small F45 cost for the extra Friday night training sessions and team T-Shirt which is $75 per person. 

To enter the official HYROX race, the cost depends on which category you choose. Varies from $220 for solo, $187 for doubles, $138 for relay (team of 4). As the time gets closer, the price increases, so ideally book early.

What if I'm not fit enough?

This event is designed for everyone, It is not exclusive to F45, but it is in conjunction with F45. We have special HYROX workouts on our TVs, and all the moves should feel familiar. It is open to all levels, and we can do it for a bit of fun and goal for us. The more the merrier, it's not something to be intimated by, you are all absolutely fit enough, and it will be a great chance to work towards a goal together. 

If you do F45 now, you are already in training! You don't have to do the extra sessions to compete in the race, however they will help you prepare even more. 

Step 3: Let Lauren and Beth know if you are interested 

Register Your Interest
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Step 4: Book your extra training in the F45 App

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