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We are so excited to have you as a finalist for Melbourne 2024!

Your form and music is due  August 10th. 

Please fill in this form ONCE with text, then you can add music later if you don't have it cut /edited yet.

Information for Competitors 2024


Music Time Limits 
Amateur - 3:00mins

Semi Pro - 3:15mins
Professional - 3:30mins
This is the max, there is no minimum time. 


We are totally fine if multiple acts have the same music, we will just try and seperate you as best as possible on the run list. We will let you know though and if you want to change your song you can, but neither of you have to. 

Costume/ Props / Human Props

You are allowed pasties and a g string. Any footwear is ok.

Props can be creative however be mindful of set up and pack down. There isn't a massive amount of space to store them backstage so please be mindful of size. Be careful as confetti gets stuck to the floor and is hard to sweep up. If you are using a messy prop, please bring towels and brooms and be mindful of not messing up the stage for the next competitor. No fire, sorry. NO NOT get the stage wet - no water / liquids sorry. Prop sizes and weight should be under 2m x 2m and 30kg weight limit. If you have an idea outside of this, just let us know and we can discuss. Human props are allowed, max 2 human props, and they must have valid audience tickets. As the backstage isn't massive, if they could stay in the audience as much as possible that would be much appreciated. 


Video Screen

No video screen this year


Backstage/ Audience

No friends back stage unless they are your human props helping you (not just hanging out) - please be considerate with makeup artists and have you make up done before you arrive or after rehearsals, but please try and do it outside the venue, there is only 3 makeup chairs/ spots backstage and it gets very crowded. 


You are welcome to watch the show before/ after your act, as long as you are ready to go on when it is near your show. You can watch from the back standing or there will be a few seats on the side you can all share when not backstage. 


The Stage

See Images below. WARNING: DO NOT get the stage wet. 


Rehearsals/ Run List

Put your names in and rehearse when you like. Please stick to 5 mins and be on time, as we have a lot to get through on the day. You are welcome to arrive at the venue from 1pm. Run list will be made by us closer to the day.


Judging/ Rules Feedback/ Prizes

Please see the website for rules and judging criteria. We do have to emphasise that we want a SHOW - make it entertaining, great music and a theme and storyline is highly recommended. What makes YOU different and stand out? 
Judges will be concentrating on scores and not on feedback for you to improve. It is too stressful as a judge to give you feedback on your show when they are trying to score your show and rank it. We want them to be able to watch your show as much as possible, instead of frantically writing "point your toes, nice splits, remember to smile" etc. Please book a private lesson if you are wanting an in-depth scope of your show and where you can improve, what you did well etc. Judges' decisions are final. 

Prizes - There is 1st place in each category and 2nd place in each category. If your group wins, you will share your prize. If you want extra sashes for your team mates, we can organise however will be at your expense. 

No feedback/ scores given post show. 



Soleia Photography. 



Have a small business or know someone that would like some exposure? Email us for a sponsor proposal pack. A few stalls will be set up at the back too. 

The Stage

The stage is 4900 wide by 3600 deep. The stage is not carpet it is timber. You will enter from behind the curtain at the back of the stage. There will be 2 promo banners, 1 in each corner of the stage up against the back curtain

Jedda's Video:

Atomic Blondes:

Mermaid waters hotel

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