Rules and information for competitors

Terms and Conditions
Entry requirements
Vidoe Entry Tips and Tricks
Props and Costumes
Film and Photography
Waiver of Liability

Judging Criteria


10 Points

Technique: The competitor must show outstanding technique within their floor work and tricks (if applicable), strength, flexibility, transitions, and technical ability in the style of dance you choose.


10 Points

Transitions between moves, interpretation of music, musicality, quality of movement, routine and choreography composition including use of space, time and dynamics in the style of dance you choose i.e. booty work, chair dance work, lap dance work (all optional) 


10 Points

Presentation: X-factor, showmanship, entertainment factor, costume and theme presentation, including clearly conveyed themes, styles or concepts. 

Please Note

Total score /30

Feedback, including scores, will NOT be given so please respect the judges privacy after the event, however you are welcome to see the judges on the night for verbal feedback. Please respect the judges’ decision on the night as the judges’ decision is final. If you are after in depth feedback, we suggest you book a private lesson. 

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