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Rules and information for competitors

Terms and Conditions

There are NO POLES at FloorPlay Competition. Open to ANY style of dance/ show act i.e. Salsa, Exotic Floor work, Lap Dance, Ballet Burlesque, Circus, Acro etc. Solos, Duos and groups of up to 6 in Sydney and 4 in other states are accepted. Each act will compete against each act. 

 Floorplay operates under strict rules and encourages entertainment and showmanship. 

 Floorplay takes the dancer’s individual unique style, interpretation and entertainment value into account for each performance. 

What Level am I in?

All competitors must be over 18 years on the night of competition.

 Competitors, as well as doubles/ groups will be judged against other single competitors. IE Act agains Act.

 This is an amateur, semi-pro and professional competition.

  • Amateur: Think of this as BEGINNER level. Any person who has not earned money from professional teaching or shows and has not had significant performance experience. If you ONLY teach Beginner dance, pole, circus, you can be in Amateur. If you teach people to go upside down or more advanced moves,  able to choreography and perform a semi complex routine or use complex musicality,  you are in semi pro. 

  • Semi-Pro: Any person who may have earned money from lower level teaching or shows and has some performance experience. This includes entering pole dance competitions at a Semi Pro level. If you have done more than a few Amateur competitions before, and train at a hight intermediate level or more, this level is for you.

  • Professional: Any person who has earned money through professional teaching/ shows and has had significant performance experience

  • This is a competition open to all genders.

  • Duo entry: The entry shall be under the higher experienced person i.e. an amateur and a semi-pro would enter as Semi-Pro.

  • Group entry: The majority or the group is the level or if a group of 6 (maximum) then the duo rule applies. 

  • You may enter in any city you wish, you do not need to be a resident.


Here are some examples:
- If you teach pole/ dance/ movement classes, (except Beginner pole / hens parties/ taster classes) you are in Semi-Pro. Amateur is for your students. Think of Amateur as Beginners with 0 to 3 years of experience.

- If you have competed in pole comps in Semi Pro level, you are Semi Pro. Regardless of the style of competition - restricted/ unrestricted pole competitions etc. 

- In my group there are a few of us in different levels. In this case, majority rules. If a tie, you should enter at the higher level of the team. Ie one Amateur and one Semi Pro means your duo is in the Semi Pro Level. 

- I have done a few shows here and there for public audiences, such as at bars, clubs, events. Some free, some paid. This means you are a professional. 

- I used to do eisteddfods and shows as a kid, and now I do pole for fun, and am in an intermediate pole level. ...You should be in Semi Pro level, however we trust you to be honest with yourself and honest to others. Were you 7 the last time you did this.. or did you have extensive dance experience? Would you stand out dancing next to your fellow Beginner/ Intermediate pole class mates that have never performed before?  (Think of them as true Beginner)Then your would be in Semi Pro. 

- I do beginner/ intermediate pole/ burlesque and have only ever performed at my studio showcases.... you are in Amateur.

- Can I have someone choreography my dance for me? Yes! Absolutely. 

- I am a stripper at a club and I've done it for 6 months..... you are in Semi Pro. 

- I know someone that entered and they lied! They are totally a semi pro dancer and they entered the Amateur  level.... please let us know! We can't monitor and stalk everyone, so we insist you all be honest. 

Enry Requirements/ Time Limits

This entry form MUST be sent in with a submission video on public or unlisted (not private) Youtube, Google Drive or Vimeo link. NOT Instagram link.


The organisers will not accept or view any other format for submission.​


  • Videos must be in the style you will perform on the night but may be different choreography, song choice, theme.

  • Videos for Amateur submission must be no longer than 3mins 00 sec.

  • Videos for Semi-Pro submission must be no longer than 3mins 15 sec.

  • Videos for Professional must be no longer than 3:30 mins 00 sec.

  • Minimum video entries for all categories is 2mins.

  • Videos must be in one stream i.e. no cutting/ editing of routines. 


 Performances are to be:

  • Amateur: No longer than 3:00

  • Semi-Pro: No longer than 3:15

  • Professional: No longer than 3:30

  • There is no minimum music/show length

Video Entry Tips


Use an email address you regularly check when submitting and is one you can access social media with. This is how we will contact you. Please keep this in mind when using work email addresses etc. 


Create a clear workspace for your video to be filmed. Still camera angles and good lighting go a long way, as does clear music and presentation i.e. make up and costuming, even if you are filming in a studio.


Leave it until the last minute. Be prepared and submit your videos early. 


  • Finalists are required to have access to Facebook, to be added to a finalists group and to stay up to date with competition information and requirements. Please make sure your email address you send to us in submission works for Facebook as this is how we will add you to the group if you are selected.

  • Finalists are required to have their own, or access to a PC for communication and music upload

  • Finalists are required to be able to use Google sheet and Google drive, including a Google log in for information and music uploads.

  • Finalists are responsible for their own music editing if required.

  • Finalists:

  • Will be emailed and announced on social media i.e. Facebook

Props & Costumes

  • Props are permitted to be used, but must be listed on the google sheet with all competitor information and approved by the organiser.
    Props are to be no larger than 2m x 2m and no heavier than 30kg. Some mess is ok, but must be easily cleaned, and not get in the way of another competitor. If you think you will make a mess, bring cleaning supplies and/ or a tarp to tape down to stage. 

  • Glitter - yep, it needed its own dot point. This is at Hosts discretion, as with water, oil, jelly, peanut butter or liquids. If glitter is ok, it is not to be fine cut glitter and all mess and clean up is the responsibility of the competitor. 

  • Any footwear, including high heels, boots, dance shoes, runners or bare feet, is allowed.

  • The competitor chooses their own outfit. Competitor is permitted to remove articles of clothing/costume. Stripping to pasties (nipple tassels) and G-string is permitted (nothing less than this due to licensing) 

  • Any changes to music after music has been uploaded needs to be approved by the organiser

  • Music and competitor information is required to be completed and submitted by the date given by the organiser. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your place. 

  • Human Props: Are able to be used but must not exceed more than 20% of the focus of your show, otherwise it is classed as a doubles (group) routine. Any discrepancies in human prop usage will be decided by the judging panel, decisions are final. Human props must purchase their own audience ticket. Max 3 human props. Must exit venue after rehearsal and re-enter at showtime.

  • Venue chairs can be borrowed and used for shows, or competitor can bring their own. If using a venue chair, please visit the venue website for more information and specifications. If you are unsure, we recommend you bring your own chair.

  • Make up and hair is to be done outside the the venue as to not crowd the backstage areas. Please organise yourself on your own time around rehearsals. 

Performance Night

  • Competitors compete at their own risk.

  • Competitors must arrive at the venue at their specified time for rehearsals (TBA via Facebook group). 

  • Any props – placement / removal will need to be discussed with the nominated props helpers on the night. If clean up is required, competitors are required to bring clean up material – towels etc. Brooms will be provided. Removal of props are the responsibility of the competitor. Any left over props will be thrown away on the night as they cannot be left at the venue.
    Props requirements/ rules will be provided to finalists. 

  •  It is the responsibility of the competitors to be side stage ready to go on TWO acts before their own.

  •  All competitors must have read, and and understood the waiver on this website, ready to sign at check in on the night to be able to perform. This includes a media release form.

  • Competitors must bring a backup copy of their music on an ipod or equivalent.

  •  It is the competitor’s responsibility to be warmed up before competing. Any injuries sustained must be reported to the organisers on the night.

  •   Competitors may not communicate with members of the judging panel during the competition. 

  •   FloorPlay reserves the right to expel a competitor from performing, both before and during the competition. 

  •   Competitors are not allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs before or during their show. 

  • If a competitor breaks a rule ie performing too long, props are not in accordance to rules then points may be taken off at judges discretion. 

  • No feedback or scores post show. Judges are concentrating on scoring properly, not focused on giving feedback for your to improve via written word.  If the judges are hanging  out at the end, you can use that chance to have a quick chat, but please don't request 'your feedback' as there may be only notes such as "Hot pink costume, did the Barbie routine, bent knees" for the judges own notes. 

  • If you want more feedback, we suggest a private lesson or ask a judge to review your video for a fee.

Film & Photography

  • All photography and other footage remain the property of FloorPlay competition. The competitors have no right to compensation for photography and other footage made before, during and after the FloorPlay competition event. 

  • The competitor openly and irrevocably agrees that all footage and photography can be used by the FloorPlay competition for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes. 

  • Competitors may be required to be available for a photo shoot and possible media interviews before and after the event. 

  • Competitors may film their own performances and are free to use them as they see fit. 

  • Prizes on the night cannot be exchanged for cash. 

  • The competitor is responsible for payment of their photo package. No responsibility of photography is on FloorPlay, and photos are at competitors own risk. The photgrapher cannot promise the results of photos due to live setting 

Conditions of Entry / Waiver

  • Regarding the Competition Organisers:

  • FloorPlay competition is not liable for injury, loss or damage resulting from any event during all forms of participation in the FloorPlay competition. 

  • The Organisation- The Peach Pole Studio and Haus of Pole reserves the right to change the rules contained herein. 

  • All decisions not addressed in these regulations will be made by the FloorPlay competition organizers .

  • Any decision made by the FloorPlay competition is binding. 

  • Failure to abide by the above-mentioned rules will result in a reduction in points or disqualification from the competition at the Organisers request.


  • Waiver of liability:

  • The competitors acknowledge and accept that FloorPlay Competition, its owners, staff (the Organisers) and The (Venue) staff and owners (“Venue Related Parties”) are not responsible for injury or damage resulting from participation in the competition, including the competitors’ arrival and departure from the competition. 

  • The competitors acknowledge that dance is a dangerous activity and as such the competitors voluntarily accept the risks associated in participating in the competition. 

  • The competitors waive to the full extent permitted by law all legal rights of action against and fully releases the Venue and Venue Related Parties and the Organisers and Related Parties for the loss, damages, or injury howsoever arising out of or in relation to the participation by the competitors in the activities conducted or organised by the Organisers and Related Parties including without limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of the Organisers or Related Parties. 


10 Points

Technique: 10 Points
The competitor must show outstanding technique within their floor work and tricks (where applicable), strength, flexibility, transitions, and technical ability in the style of dance/ show that you choose.



Dance: 10 Points

Transitions between moves, interpretation of music, musicality, quality of movement, routine and choreography composition including use of space, time and dynamics in the style of dance you choose i.e. booty work, chair dance work, lap dance work (all optional) 
Hot tip: Use of levels is encouraged, all floor-work should be broken up into levels and use of space to create interest. 



X- Factor: 15 Points

Includes overall presentation, showmanship, entertainment factor, costume and theme presentation, including clearly conveyed themes, styles or concepts.

Hot Tip: We LOVE a show! Create a theme, story and entertain the audience! Entertainment is a HUGE factor!



Please Note

Total score /35


Feedback, including scores, will NOT be given so please respect the judges privacy after the event, however you are welcome to see the judges on the night for verbal feedback. Please respect the judges’ decision on the night as the judges’ decision is final. If you are after in depth 

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