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Entering a competition for the first time? We want to put you at ease! Submitting a video is a great stepping stone to hitting the stage, so here are some FAQs that may help you along the way...


I'm a beginner and not flexible. Should I enter?


Definitely! We have 3 catagories that contestants can choose to enter. Each catagory will be judged at their level. This is a fun competiton open to both males and females. You amy also look at having some private lessons with your dance/pole teacher who can help you with your routine.


I've never danced before, only pole danced. What style should I choose?


Think about exploring the moves that go in between your pole moves. Give it a go its fun! Add your own dance style, or research some pole/floorwork artists that inspire you and you can develop your own style through learning their movements.



Can I do a duo with my friend?


Absolutely. Want to do this comp with a friend? You can enter as a double, but will be judged as a single act. Once submission is required with both names, one paymnet on $15AUD entry fee is required. Please see point 5 below. Human props are allowed and must be paying ticket holders. They can watch the show and come back stage with you when you are ready to do on. They must also sign all waivers and releases. It is up to you print out a copy from them to sign. You are able to hand this in for them on the night on their behalf.


Am I an Amateur, Semi-Pro or Professional?

See where you fit in these catagories. Still not sure? Send us an email and we can help.

  • Amateur: Any person who has not earned money from professional teaching or shows and has not had significant performance experience

  • Semi-Pro: Any person who may have earned money from lower level teaching (up to level 3/ prep adv/ Grade 4 ballet RAD) or shows and has some performance experience

  • Professional: Any person who has earned money through professional teaching (choreography experience in dance classes, advanced pole dance or teachings in their chosen style) / shows and has had significant performance experience

  • If you enter as a duo or group, the level is taken as the person with the most experience 

Got more questions?


No problem, just send us an email via our contact page and we can help you out. We do think you should give it a go though! Creating a video is a fun way to work towards a goal, exprore your dance styles and who knows, you may be one of our finalists! If you are a finalist, please have a read through our website or ask in your Facebook group before emailing admin.

Can I do lap dance as part of my show? 


Yes you can, as long as there are no assisted movements or choreography with the lap. If you would like to use assisted choreography, this comes under your extra person as a human prop, which can not exceed more than 20% of your show or it is judged as a double or group routine

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