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Not only do we have workshops around competition time, we have workshops to help you leading up to video submission, competition day and simply just for fun! Check out what's happening at The Peach Pole Studio and Haus of Pole...

Sexy Flexy Floorwork





Have you ever wondered how the professionals look so calm and collected on stage? How they fit all their training in an still manage to whip up a costume, train, eat well and still look glamorous on stage? Want to be a part of that limelight? Then this workshop will give you all the tricks of the trade! This is a 4.5 hour long workshop that will teach you everything there is to know about owning your time in the spotlight. From a curious amateur performer to a stage queen pro, this workshop will give everyone that extra edge and professionalism and all levels are welcome! In this workshop we will cover:

* Presentation, hair and make up

* Costume, styling, theme and music choice

* Stage direction, stage presence and basic stage knowledge

* Choreographing for criteria

* Routine composition, tricks and dance elements

* Branding and image

* Entering competitions, shows and performances

* Conditioning, training and backstage nerves


This workshop runs  with an hour break at 1pm for lunch at the pub next to the studio. 




For bookings, please email TBC

Limited spaces, workbooks will be provided.

Booty Twerk





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